A design and made to measure service is available, see services link for prices. For restyling and major alterations please ask for an estimate.

Coats & Jackets:

Coat hem- from $35
Jacket sleeve plain $20
Jacket sleeves shortened/length and with buttonholes $35
Jacket sleeves from shoulders $95
Take in, led-out for men $35
Narrow shoulders $85
Replace lining $60
Long coat replace lining $80


Shortened and day dresses from $20
Shorten sleeves from $15
Lift shoulders from $20
Taken in, led-out from $35
Shorten evening dresses from $50


Shorten, lengthen hem $15
Shorten hem pleated from $25
Let out/take in from $20
Replace lining $40


Shorten, lengthen hem plain $12
Shorten, lengthen trousers would take $15
Let out $15
Original hem for jeans $20
New zipper from $20
Drop waist line from $25
Taper waist led-in/led-out for jeans $20

Blouses & Shirts:

Shorten sleeves with cuffs from $20
Shorten length then plain sleeves $15
Shorten sleeves from armhole from $20
Take in sides from $15
Narrow shoulders from $20
Shoulders hem $12
Re-stitched buttons $2


If you have any enquiries about something which is not listed above, please feel free to phone us and see if we can help.